What is PMP in Digital Ad Operation? There are some common words in the digital ad world. PMP or Privat Market Place is one of them. A Private Marketplace is a secure environment for programmatic media buying and selling that combines the best of a direct relationship between buyer and seller with the scale and automation of an advanced platform. With a Private Marketplace, publishers can selectively expose their inventory to the buyers of their choosing in a private exchange. Publishers benefit from having better control on exposure and pricing of inventory for a smaller set of buyers. Buyers benefit by gaining access to premium inventory that is not available in public marketplaces.

What is PMP in Digital Ad Operation

 In a short form, it is one to one or direct relation or contract between seller and buyer.

How do PMPs Come About?

There are two types PMP contract.

  1. Direct: Direct sellers pitch PMP deals as a way to “test the inventory” before making a larger direct buy, or to secure incremental dollars when budgets and plans are already finalized. Before finalizing a direct contract, buyers checked and examine sellers’ inventories and test the inventories as a pilot project. If the seller maintains DFP platform, seller directly sets order and line item. If the seller uses other platforms, like Simpli.fi, Oath (AOL), the seller can directly connect the marketplace or orders from sellers account by creating a common marketplace.
  2. Programmatic: Same thing, except typically I (or other programmatic sellers) will go to DSPs, Managed Services (like Google), or trading desks to socialize opportunities and tout our inventory.


PMP Products Deal Transaction types

  1. Fixed Rate
  2. Floor Rate
  3. Programmatic Guaranteed


PMP Products Deal types

A customized deal, have the flexibility to change, modify and update based on requirement. Buyer can buy whole inventory for a certain time which is campaign based have specific flight dates. Also can target specific page or whole page for a certain impression or always on for achieving a certain goal with no flight dates.

What is PMP in Digital Ad Operation
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What is PMP in Digital Ad Operation
What is PMP in Digital Ad Operation, in a short form, we can say, it is one to one or direct relation or contract between seller and buyer in ad exchange.
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