List Site Analytic Tools that Track Performance of your site for SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is must be needed to get organic traffic onto your website.

List Site Analytic Tools that Track Performance of your site for SEO

SL Tracker Name About them in their words URL
113 CrossEngage CrossEngage is a SaaS open marketing platform that combines a customer data platform with cross-channel campaign management capabilities. It easily integrates with all data sources and marketing channels so that your existing infrastructure does not need to be replaced. Web Link
114 Cubed The CUBED Attribution algorithm is calculated based on a number of elements of importance that allow us to understand the propensity for someone to complete an action. We are constantly refining and improving the algorithm, and it currently has seven core factors that are used to create the weightings: • number of touchpoint interactions • number of pageviews • recency of visit • time on site • channel • device • location Web Link
115 Datalicious DataCollector Datalicious is a full-service analytics agency and technology firm, providing the tools and insights to help companies achieve more effective marketing outcomes. From its origins as a specialist consultancy based in Sydney, Australia, the company attracted investment from the Veda-Equifax Company and has grown to become an innovative software development company that now help many blue-chip clients across Europe and South East Asia to think outside the box and achieve data driven marketing best practice. Datalicious products include the SuperTag tag manager, DataExchange user ID management tool and OptimaHub cross-channel marketing analytics platform. Datalicious is also one of the biggest Google Analytics Premium resellers in South East Asia. Web Link
116 Datanyze Back in 2012, Ilya created the prototype for a technology tracking tool to help his sales friends better prepare themselves before making cold calls. A few years and many iterations later, Ilya’s prototype evolved into Datanyze, the preferred sales intelligence platform for hundreds of high-powered sales teams. During the week, Ilya leads the management team in shaping the overall vision, culture and strategy of Datanyze. On weekends, Ilya puts on his developer hat and has been known to build game-changing new products by Monday morning. Ilya earned his Masters in Computer Science in Russia and received his MBA from Babson College. Web Link
117 Deadline Funnel Add urgency to your marketing funnel and sell more in less time Are you selling courses or digital products online? Tired of people saying I’ll buy it tomorrow? Create evergreen deadlines for your leads and give them a reason to take action now. Web Link
118 At, we believe that the automotive industry thrives when dealers, consumers, and manufacturers are completely connected. It’s what drives us to build the industry’s most tightly integrated, dealer-focused digital marketing platform. From digital advertising that automatically connects your inventory to likely buyers in your market, to digital retailing products that help you start and make deals faster than ever, to strategic advisory and managed services, no other solution allows you to connect more meaningfully with your online customers. Web Link
119 Decibel Insight Decibel Insight records every action visitors take on your web or mobile site. See what content they interact with, optimize the experience and turn more visitors into customers. Web Link
120 Delacon Delacon develops leading telecommunication technology solutions that helps business stay ahead. Since the company’s inception in 1996, Delacon has been committed to devising products that streamline operations and enhance customer interaction. Principally, Delacon offers a world class call tracking solution to support media agencies, marketing professionals, direct marketers, SME and enterprise businesses. Web Link
121 Deluxe Deluxe Corporation is organized into three business units that combine to make us a growth engine for businesses and financial institutions as well as one of the top check producers in North America. Web Link
122 Demandware Analytics Demandware is a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce solutions that enable companies to easily design, implement and manage their own customized ecommerce sites, including websites, mobile applications and other digital storefronts. Web Link
123 Deqwas We provide marketing support service that spans both online and offline with data analysis technology Dekwas that snaps to users’ feelings Web Link
124 Desk Five Through intensive market observation and the consistent implementation of individual customer requirements, our group of companies supports customers worldwide in the achievement of your goals in the field of digital advertising. Our user-friendly platform provides advertisers, agencies, and advertising networks with a high-performance technology to manage end-to-end campaigns and sell inventory. Web Link
125 Dialogtech Web Link
126 Digiglitz At DigiGlitz, innovation and curiosity drive the best and brightest minds to push the boundaries of creativity and technology. We specialize in web development and marketing using emails, SMS, and online advertising. With each new project we strive to accelerate the development of a brand by providing the right digital push for their all-round growth.. Web Link
127 Digital Analytix comScore is a global leader in measuring the digital world and the preferred source of digital marketing intelligence. Through a powerful combination of behavioral and survey insights, comScore enables clients to better understand, leverage and profit from the rapidly evolving worldwide web and mobile arena. Web Link
128 Digital Forest NTT.Com developed a scientific method to measure, analyze and evaluate online visitor behavior quantitatively. With this information, customers can enhance their marketing strategies, improve their customer experience and can drive up their marketing return on investment (ROI). Web Link
129 Distroscale Web Link
130 DiVa Become more efficient and increase the productivity of your sales. The digital sales assistant can provide marketing and sales automatically filtered hot sales contacts your site. Try four weeks for free! After the test, you will receive access to an analysis of your potential customers and your website. Translated by Google Translate Web Link
131 Divvit Divvit uses a JavaScript tracking pixel that will be installed on each page of your shop and track page views, orders and more. We then analyze all this data in the background for you and present it in a nicely organized way. Web Link
132 Domino Counter A free counter for your website. Web Link
133 DomoDomain IntelligenceFocus On-demand Applications offer standards-based user and customer analytics to help marketers, CRM and BI users, content and online community managers to generate integrated views of their web users and customers, by merging online and offline data. Web Link
134 DragetLinx Web Link
135 Dratio Dratio is China’s leading third-party Internet data services provider… Web Link
136 Dun and Bradstreet Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE: DNB) grows the most valuable relationships in business. By uncovering truth and meaning from data, we connect customers with the prospects, suppliers, clients and partners that matter most, and have since 1841. Nearly ninety percent of the Fortune 500, and companies of every size around the world, rely on our data, insights and analytics. For more about Dun & Bradstreet, visit Web Link
137 This company was created for the purpose of adding its tracking script to the Ghostery detection library, but there is not enough information available for us to compile a complete profile for it. Reasons for this may include: no website or a landing page only, no privacy policy or clear company description, or inadequate translation for foreign companies. Web Link
138 Dynamic Yield Analytics Dynamic Yield’s advanced machine learning engine builds actionable customer segments in real time, enabling marketers to increase revenue via personalization, recommendations, automatic optimization & 1:1 messaging. Web Link
139 Earnify Tracker You’re probably already advertising products on your website via other native advertising networks but only receive a CPC for the traffic you send to them. Your traffic is obviously performing well for them because if it wasn’t converting, they would have ceased advertising on your website. Switch to Earnify today and start receiving a revenue share of the sales your traffic generates, we have eight months worth of data to prove Earnify will be more profitable for you. Web Link
140 ECONA ECONA is a group of internet companies based in the German internet capital, Berlin. We operate a wide network of websites in the fields of technology, entertainment and shopping through our subsidiaries ECONA Shopping GmbH, GIGA Digital AG and ECONA move GmbH. Web Link
141 Econda High-end tracking technology coupled with intuitive operability and truly simple activation, a broad range of functions respectively customized to remarkably different business models, and a wealth of innovative features and plug-ins. Web Link
142 eGain Analytics eGain helps organizations transform their traditional call centers into multichannel customer interaction hubs. eGain® 10 is the industry’s most innovative and complete software suite for multichannel customer service and knowledge management. Web Link
143 Ehavior EhaviorClick™ is an all new click tracking tool that allows everybody to see what content is being clicked on their websites. It makes our customers understand their website traffic and communicate what ever insight discovered to the person that’ll optimize and improve website performance. Web Link
144 ekmPinPoint ekmPinpoint is an easy to use web statistics solution that offers everything you need track your visitors and measure your websites performance. Web Link
145 Elastic Beanstalk Web Link
146 Enecto Analytics Enecto offers a new approach to lead generation and online marketing that is based on Business Intelligence. Our identification of anonymous web visitors allows us to deliver powerful marketing and sales solutions for business-to-business (B2B) companies. Web Link
147 Engage Sciences A revolutionary platform for creating interactive marketing experiences, infused with authentic social advocacy. Combining the Advocacy and Campaign modules from EngageSciences, brands and agencies get a single solution that is highly configurable, providing a multitude of ways to engage the digital consumer, collect marketing opt-ins and customer data. Web Link
148 eProof Web Link
149 Errorception Errorception is a simple and painless way to find out about JavaScript errors, as they occur in your users’ browsers. Web Link
150 ESPN Analytics ESPN, Inc., The Worldwide Leader in Sports, is the leading multinational, multimedia sports entertainment company featuring the broadest portfolio of multimedia sports assets with over 50 business entities. Web Link
151 eStat Médiamétrie is now the benchmark when it comes to audience measurement. The company is developing its range of services and extending its scope by working on new media, telephony, new multimedia practices, Cross-media, etc. Web Link
152 etracker etracker – A Strong Partner at your Side Like almost no other provider, etracker is known for its best-practice solutions in the field of professional website optimization and online marketing. Thanks to our highly developed technology, numerous innovations, personal support and well-balanced price-performance ratio, we are one of the leading industry in Europe. The secret to our success is a combination of personal assistance, simple product integration and operation, recommendations for action tailored to customer requirements, and many years of experience. With over 110,000 customers satisfied by the quality and reliability of our products and services, we strive to reach new levels of performance each and every day. Web Link
153 Eurosoftware Web Link
154 Everstring What’s In a Name: EverString We get asked all of the time how we came up with our name, and of course, there is a logical answer rooted in science. EverString, and our logo for that matter, refers to the connections or relationships between nodes in a model. EverString helps you define the relationships between your business and the world of others in your addressable market—so you can optimize audience selection. Web Link
155 Exactag Exactag…offers eCommerce providers and online agencies an approved solution, which enables them to manage, measure and evaluate advertising campaigns according to their success – across all online marketing channels. Web Link
156 Exceptional Airbrake is the leading exception reporting service, currently providing error tracking for 50,000 applications with support for 18 programming languages. We let developers build better software by giving detailed reports of errors in applications. Giving you insight into the health of your application in production. We give detailed exception reports that tell you what happened, what bit of code was responsible, and allow you to recreate the error for rapid debugging. Our goal is to build the best developer toolset on the planet. One that gives you full stack insight, and allows you to build great software. Web Link
157 Experimently Website Testing Made Easy. Web Link
158 eXTReMe Tracker Learn about the visitors of your website. Collect Information. Find Patterns. Understand. Web Link
159 Fact Finder FACT-Finder has been present in the market for more than 14 years and has evolved in this time to one of the top names in European ecommerce. Hobbycraft, Kurt Geiger, Boux Avenue, Lidl, Footlocker and more than 1,600 other online shops benefit from this experience. Web Link
160 Fireclick Fireclick, a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital River, Inc., provides a comprehensive Web analytics solution that offers online businesses real-time, actionable information about their customers. Web Link
161 Fit Analytics UPcload has one of largest databases of body measurements in the world. Using this data, we’re able to give size recommendations and provide detailed fit information. Web Link
162 Flipp Flipp (formerly Wishabi) was born in 2007 by former Microsoft engineers. We’re backed by some of the largest venture capitalists and retail executives in the world. Our vision is a future in which consumers and retailers are connected. We feel that weekly shopping is too much work – too mundane – and we want shopping to be fun again. We want to make sure that consumers can save time, save money, and get the right product at the right time. Flipp has over 300 team members worldwide and is partnered with the largest retailers in the world, including Walmart, Target, Kroger, Macys and Dollar General. Flipp’s strategic media partnerships include Google, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, CBS and over 450 newspaper publishers. Flipp recently won the Best Workplaces in Canada Award and the Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures Award. Flipp is headquartered in beautiful Toronto. Web Link
163 Flocktory Flocktory is the complete platform for the entire customer lifecycle, trusted by leading global e-commerce, retail, banking, travel and telecommunications businesses Web Link
164 Flurry Yahoo own that now. Measure and analyze activity across your app portfolio to answer your hardest questions and optimize your app experience. Web Link
165 Flyertown Flyertown enables consumers to interact with digital flyers…Users can pan across flyers and zoom into specific products, use filters to find items by discount level or category, and browse across multiple flyers to find the best deal on one or more items. Web Link
166 Monotype offers one of the world’s largest and most highly regarded typeface libraries, as well as innovative solutions that bring the power of type to life… We are also leaders in enterprise publishing environments and Web fonts. Web Link
167 Forensiq CPA Detective is an affiliate fraud detection and compliance monitoring service that identifies and eliminates fraud and low-quality traffic sources to improve online advertising campaign performance. CPA Detective will optimize online advertising campaigns (CPA, CPL, CPC, PPC, and CPM ) as well as improve ROI and increase traffic quality. Web Link
168 Foshpa Fospha sits at the cross roads between technology, data, and business. Data projects at Fospha are challenging and diverse. The strategy always begins with understanding the problems and translating an often vague business issue into one with an analytic approach. Data science at Fospha then answers, can this problem be solved and how? Solving data problems at Fospha is about collecting and structuring good data, leveraging quantitative analysis, machine learning, statistical learning, mathematical modelling, and some analytic creativity to distinguish a signal from the noise, solving impactful problems with actionable intelligence. Web Link
169 Free Counter Web Link
170 Free Online Users It is a free yet reliable online user service and web tracker in one. Highly configurable look with real-time detailed web stats. Insert a simple piece of code into your web site and you will be able to analyze and monitor all the visitors hitting your website, all in real-time! Web Link
171 Free PageRank was created to enable webmasters easily know and post PageRank on their pages without any Toolbar. Web Link
172 FullStory Understand your customers like never before with FullStory Make users happier by going beyond analytics to actionable insights. Web Link
173 G3NESIS O G3NESIS faz o trabalho enquanto você se preocupa com a inteligência do negócio. Confira suas principais funcionalidades. Web Link


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