Lead Management Analytics tools for measuring performance. Here you can find B2B, B2C analytics tracker. The list included E-mail Analytics tools tracker, Behavior Tracking, A/B Testing tracker (especially for Software companies), Polls, Lead Management Analytics, Visitor De-anonymization, Local Analytics, Font system, Segment Data, and Device Fingerprinting

Lead Management Analytics tools for measuring performance


SL Tracker Name About them in their words URL
235 intelliAd intelliAd is a global leader and pioneer in Bid Management and Multichannel Tracking. We offer advertisers and agencies an on-demand software solution to optimize their SEM efforts by translating data into actionable items in order to leverage organic and paid search efforts. Web Link
236 IntelligenceFocus IntelligenceFocus On-demand Applications offer standards-based user and customer analytics to help marketers, CRM and BI users, content and online community managers to generate integrated views of their web users and customers, by merging online and offline data. Web Link
237 Intilery Web Link
238 Intimate Merger Intimate-merger Co., Ltd. as the center the President Yanashima with a track record of big data analysis became RSCTC 2010 Discovery Challenge third in the world in (the world’s largest statistical algorithm contest), established in June 2013 It is has been DMP specialized company. Using about 400 million audience data and high analysis technology boasts Japan’s largest, has been mainly carried out the assistance of data marketing of DMP building and client companies and agencies of national clients and large-scale portal site. Web Link
239 Invodo At Invodo, we don’t just aim to please. We aim to convert — and that means finding the right content for your site. From product and shoppable video to 3D spin, we’ll help you deliver the most relevant content so your customers will have the confidence to buy. Our goal is to make your life easier, and our platform helps us achieve this. Our technology is fast and powerful, but more importantly: it’s simple — so you can manage and analyze your content in an efficient (and stress-free) way. To really revamp your site, you need more than just content — and that’s where our services come in. Once we draft a game plan, we’ll guide you through the rest of the process. From providing day-to-day support to keeping you up-to-date with the latest ecommerce technologies, we’re here to help you succeed. Web Link
240 IO Intelligent Optimisations We are Intelligent Optimisations (IO) a marketing technology company which has developed a proprietary, big data driven, automated media buying platform. The IO platform unlocks the opportunity for advertisers to exploit the benefits of programmatic buying in a rapidly evolving industry. We understand the complexities of programmatic and the challenges that real time bidding can present to advertisers and their agencies. Web Link
241 Iotec iotec are intent marketing specialists, applying machine learning to identify consumer intent without assumptions. We provide transparent media buying, smart insights and expertise to enable brands to understand and intelligently act in real context and in real time. Web Link
242 IP Mappers Dynamic and innovative startup, Tag-Trek is the European leader in business intelligence SaaS tools. With our technology, our customers monitor their market share and identify mature prospects to contact. Web Link
243 IP Tracker IP Tracker to Trace and Track IP Addresses Welcome to our website – IP-Tracker.org where you will everything you need to track and trace IP Address using the latest IP tracking technique. Web Link
244 IPFingerprint IPFingerprint is a web based software tool that tracks who visited your website and marries this up to what pages they looked at and which phrases they used to find your website. Web Link
245 ip-label ip-label offers a very wide range of measurement tools to audit and measure the performance of all of your digital services: business applications, web applications, voice, mobile or television over IP. Available as licensed products or SaaS, ip-label’s solutions give you unique, all-inclusive insight into perceived quality, in addition to providing overall monitoring of the information system whatever your application configuration, organization, and deployment constraints. Web Link
246 IPLogger IPLOGGER.RU – a simple and convenient service to the organization and logging the IP address of the visitor and statistics of your blog, your message in another blog post, comment or forum topics, your user profile, and any of your page on the Internet. Web Link
247 IQNOMY IQNOMY helps organizations to offer a valuable online experience and to improve the online engagement of their audience, by communicating with each individual visitor in real time and in a personal, relevant and individual way across the various online channels. A profile of each unique visitor is created in real time… Based on this profile, real-time decisions are made by the platform and each visitor is presented with the right information, in the right format, at the right time. Translated by IQNOMY, Inc. Web Link
248 iResearch IResearch was founded in 2002, is the first involved in Internet research third-party institutions, the cumulative release of thousands of Internet industry research report, for thousands of enterprises to provide customized research and consulting services, China’s Internet companies IPO preferred third-party research mechanism. In 2015, iResearch will set up research centers overseas, expand its research scope to global high-growth areas, and establish links between China and the world’s best enterprises. Web Link
249 ividence At ividence, we are passionate about email. As a result, we created a platform that implements acquisition campaigns the right way—respecting subscribers, increasing revenue for publishers, and bringing in top ROI for advertisers. Web Link
250 Jaco Let’s keep pace with the speed of innovation. Even if your organization is digitally mature, there still exists the surmounting challenge of keeping up with the exponentially increasing and stunningly sophisticated capabilities that today’s innovators are delivering. Recognizing that our technological capabilities are increasing at a rate faster than our ability to keep up, we have to ask the question: How do we improve our capability? Web Link
251 Janrain Janrain helps organizations succeed on the social web with its user management platform. A key component of the platform is Janrain Engage, an enterprise-class, software as a service (SaaS) solution to enable a website to expedite the registration and login processes with a user’s social network or email account, import user profile information and address books, and make it easy for a user to publish their activities from a website to multiple social networks. Web Link
252 Jet Interactive Jet Interactive is a call analytics company and specialist telecommunications provider. Web Link
253 Jetlore Web Link
254 Jetpack Digital The Jetpack platform offers publishers rapid development of network-ready custom ad products. Jetpack assembles custom units from an evolving library of media and engagement modules into the required component configuration…Jetpack dynamically injects the custom units on any site, hosts and serves all media, and provides tracking and reporting for all click and engagement metrics. Web Link
255 Jirafe Jirafe was started with the goal of helping eCommerce retailers grow their online businesses. Web Link
256 Jumplead Jumplead is for people who want to work smarter with their online marketing, but don’t want the cost and complexity of most inbound and marketing automation systems. We aim to provide practical tools and a community to support the creation of better, more effective marketing. Web Link
257 Jumpstart Tagging Solutions We are a digital automotive marketing company, providing creative solutions and exclusive access to one of the largest, most diverse, and highest-performing in-market automotive audiences. Web Link
258 JumpTime JumpTime [offers] strategic engagement and traffic optimization consulting to some of the largest and most influential media companies. Web Link
259 Kameleoon Kameleoon is a complete solution for A / B testing, available in SaaS (Software as a Service)… Our software is specifically aimed at managers of e-marketing, conversion specialists and enthusiastic leaders pure Internet players. Translated by Kameleoon Web Link
260 Keen IO Keen IO was specifically built to capture and store event data — those constant little interactions that happen all day, every day, in your apps. Event data can be anything, and Keen IO gives you the ability to grab as much of it as you want, then store it forever on our cloud database. Web Link
261 Kenshoo Kenshoo is a digital marketing software company that engineers technology solutions for search marketing and online advertising. Kenshoo’s global platform delivers the control, automation and results needed to make better investments across search, social and display campaigns. Web Link
262 KeyMetric KeyMetric adTrax – the marketing industry’s most intelligent and innovative phone call tracking and conversion analytics tool. Web Link
263 Keytiles Keytiles operates FruitFlan, Keytiles Web Link
264 Keywee Keywee offers publishers and marketers a new approach to content distribution and performance measurement. Our revolutionary platform employs advanced text-mining technology and a vast database of historical content performance to help publishers, retailers and brands find the audiences most likely to meet specific business goals for their content. Backed by leading investors including Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors and Marker LLC, as well as The New York Times Company, the company is headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv Web Link
265 Kissmetrics Analytics Kissmetrics is a powerful web analytics solution that helps you to increase customer acquisition and retention rates, make smarter business decisions, and boost your bottom line. Web Link
266 Klaviyo Klaviyo has built database technology to make 1:1 personalized email easy. For too long companies were stuck blasting everyone with the same email. Not because they think that’s what their customers want, but because they don’t have a choice. Klaviyo fundamentally changes the game. Our software aggregates everything a business knows about their customers into individual profiles in our customer analytics database. We’ve paired that with an email platform that makes designing beautiful emails easy. Those pieces together, Klaviyo is one unified platform for personalized, 1:1 email that drives results. Web Link
267 Knoopstat Met website statistieken van KnoopStat is het mogelijk om betrouwbaar en ‘realtime’ een beeld te krijgen van het bezoekersgedrag op uw homepage of website, ongeacht het aantal pagina’s. Web Link
268 Kontagent Upsight was born from the merger of Kontagent and PlayHaven in late 2013. We combined because mobile and web app developers needed a single solution to manage their businesses. Our goal is clear: help transform the world’s data into valuable action. We’ll do this by helping our customers understand user behavior, decide what it means, and immediately act to impact their businesses. Web Link
269 Kortx KORTX was founded with one goal in mind, to demystify the marketing technology stack making solutions once available to the largest enterprises accessible to companies of all sizes. By embracing cloud computing and leveraging decades of technology and marketing experience, KORTX deploys solutions meeting the challenges of modern marketers. KORTX collects hundreds of millions of monthly interactions helping our customers improve their marketing and operational effectiveness. See how our dynamic data management products help marketers leverage their most important data assets across all channels. Web Link
270 Kyto Kyto is an international software-as-a-service provider headquartered in Berlin. We support industrial companies by digitalizing their marketing activities. Kyto manages their trade directory and market platform entries and offers individual search engine marketing. Our service enables customers to increase traffic on their website, achieve a greater global reach and consequently boost their revenues. Web Link
271 Leadback AOL Inc. is a leading global Web services company with an extensive suite of brands and offerings. AOL is focused on attracting and engaging consumers and providing valuable online advertising services via AOL Advertising (a subsidiary of AOL Inc.), which integrates AOL’s leading media properties, targeted marketing technology, and Advertising.com’s mass reach into a unified advertising solution for advertisers and publishers. Our proprietary technologies allow us to deliver relevant, targeted advertising to individuals, but not at the expense of individual privacy. Please note that AOL Advertising is in the process of integrating our advertising brands and platforms. During this process, you may see references – on our websites, in our domain names, and in the names of the cookies we use to help customize your experience – to a number of service and brand names, such as Advertising.com, TACODA, Quigo, AdSonar, ADTECH, Pictela, Convertro, Adap.tv, Buysight, Gravity, and atwola.com. To learn more about how we collect and use information for online advertising, please visithttp://privacy.aol.com. Web Link
272 LeadiD Jornaya (formerly LeadiD) operates LeadiD. We began our journey in 2011, when we set out to solve a pervasive problem in the lead marketplace, an industry in which both buyers and sellers knew little about the quality or conversion potential of the leads they were exchanging. Realizing that the best way to understand the potential of a lead was to witness the online journey of the consumer that led up to it, we pioneered a “VIN number for leads” that enabled a shared way of understanding and communicating about the history of each lead.

Fast forward to today, and we’re leveraging our robust network of websites, along with an unmatched ability to see first hand what consumers are doing on these sites, to deliver the surest signals of consumer intent.

Web Link
273 Leadin HubSpot is an inbound marketing software company that helps businesses transform their marketing from outbound (cold calls, email spam, trade shows, tv ads, etc) lead generation to inbound lead generation. Web Link
274 LeadInspector Lead Inspector GmbH is a modern communications company with a focus on first-class B2B customer relationships and professional lead management. With the SaaS application of the same name, Lead Inspector GmbH supports companies in lead generation and new customer acquisition via the company’s website. The image of the digital lead generation and lead management process is anchored in the principles of the business idea of Lead Inspector GmbH. Lead Inspector GmbH supports its customers in lead generation through targeted online marketing, website visitor identification, telemarketing services and the introduction of a CRM system. Lead Inspector GmbH thus prepares its customers, in whole or in part, for the digital world. Web Link
275 LeadLander LeadLander is a web-based application that provides access to real-time customer intelligence analytics reports. Companies can use this reporting to identify which prospects are hitting their website; which prospects are reacting to their cold calls and emails; and which prospects are researching their online product collateral. Web Link
276 Leadpages We’re a dynamic software company that creates simple, beautiful software and web apps that allow businesses to grow large and devoted audiences. We believe compelling online marketing doesn’t need to be time consuming and tedious. We are (humbly) considered a thought leader in our space because we precisely skated to where the puck was going before anyone else left the bench. Web Link
277 LeadPlace LeadPlace creates Anticipation Marketing campaigns, allowing advertisers to anticipate, target, identify the life events, desire for change of their Customers, Prospects. Web Link
278 LeTV We are a subscription service that provides our members with access to motion pictures, television and other audio-visual entertainment (movies & TV shows) streamed over the Internet to certain Internet-connected TV’s, computers and other devices. There are 4 applications in Le.com group includes Le, Live, LeVidi, LeView. Web Link
279 LinkedIn Analytics LinkedIn takes your professional network online, giving you access to people, jobs, and opportunities. Built upon trusted connections and relationships, LinkedIn has established the world’s largest and most powerful professional network. To learn more about how we collect and use information for online advertising, please visit: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy If you are a LinkedIn member, we recommend that you opt out from your LinkedIn Privacy Settings here: https://www.linkedin.com/settings/?trk=nav_account_sub_nav_settings&modal=nsettings-enhanced-advertising. This will opt you out from LinkedIn data collection and targeting cookies on any computers, mobile devices and browsers you use to visit third party sites, provided you have logged onto LinkedIn. Web Link
280 Linkpulse Linkpulse is an analytics tool tailor made for high traffic news sites. Optimize and prioritize your front page backed by live data. Web Link
281 LinkUp Completely unique in the industry, LinkUp is the only job search engine that indexes jobs exclusively from company websites. Updated daily, the 3+ million jobs in our search engine are always current with no duplicates or job pollution. As a result, we deliver a phenomenal user experience for job seekers and a terrific value proposition for our employer advertisers and data clients. Plus with our outstanding vision and dedicated team, we’re a pretty awesome company to work with and for (of course we’re biased). Web Link
282 Live Intent LiveIntent is an Email Advertising and Trading Desk company with the first technology for email and display designed to support brand and direct response advertisers and agencies. Web Link
283 Live Journal LiveJournal is a community publishing platform, willfully blurring the lines between blogging and social networking. Since 1999 LiveJournal has been home to a wide array of creative individuals looking to share common interests, meet new friends, and express themselves. Web Link
284 LiveBall LiveBall is software that converts more web visits into business. It helps marketers and agencies produce, target, test and optimize their most compelling web content. Web Link
285 Livecounter Live Counter is basically a free hit counter that gives you live advanced statistics updated real time in the browser. We offer statistics: number of online users, number of visitors (today, yesterday, this month, last month, always, etc.), page views and latest referende link (also called references or referring sites). Web Link
286 Localytics Localytics provides the powerful tools and actionable insights needed for more successful, more profitable mobile and tablet applications. Web Link
287 Locayta ATTRAQT provides visual merchandising and search services to online retailers through a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. ATTRAQT launched in 2003 and evolved from successful search technology company Locayta. Co-Founder Andre Brown saw that the search technology pioneered by Locayta could play a unique role in online retail merchandising and the ATTRAQT platform was born. ATTRAQT was created to help retailers replicate traditional merchandising techniques online and now powers the merchandising functions of over 100 of the world’s leading retailers including Superdry and boohoo.com from offices in London and the US. Web Link
288 Logan Media Web Link
289 Loggly Loggly is a San Francisco startup developing the world’s most popular cloud based logging platform. We have built a highly scalable log management service as a platform which provides great value for the entire organization. Web Link
290 logly Delivery by ad-serving technology Intent Targeting of its own, to understand the will of the consumer, and assess the value of advertising frame is possible. Web Link
291 Loop11 360i is an award winning digital marketing agency that drives results for Fortune 500 marketers through insights, ideas and technologies. 360i helps its clients think differently about their online presence and evolve their strategies to take advantage of the new world of marketing communications one where brands and consumers engage in interactive and multi directional conversations Web Link
292 Lucky Orange Lucky Orange is a tool that lets you quickly see who is on your site and interact with them in neat ways. It was designed to help you quickly understand what is happening on your website, identify problem areas & solutions, and reach out to customers. Web Link
293 Lytics Lytics helps enterprises automate personalized marketing experiences through the industry’s most advanced Customer Data Platform (CDP). Popular retailing, media, consumer goods, banking, and tech brands use Lytics to execute one-to-one marketing programs that their customers welcome. The Lytics Customer Data (CDP) Platform, the company’s flagship product, was launched in October 2014. The Lytics CDP connects a company’s marketing data about customers and users from multiple sources (e.g., structured and unstructured data from tools, anonymous and known profiles, and other interactions and events from the marketing stack, sales, and support databases) and creates behavior-rich user segments (e.g., likely to churn, most active on mobile, coupon lover). These customer segments then sync with a company’s marketing tools (from web-site personalization and ad retargeting, to email marketing and content optimization) to improve marketing campaign results and reduce inefficiencies. Many marketing technology vendors claim customer data management, yet deal with only one or two types of data (such as customers who’ve signed in via a social media tool or provided an email address). Lytics builds a profile based on unifying any fragment of customer information using sophisticated data science and conducts probabilistic matching to merge identities. The result: a golden record of reference for each consumer. Lytics is led by marketing-technology veterans who’ve held leadership positions at Webtrends, Urban Airship, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Our customers include DirectTV, Conde Nast, and Nestle. We are headquartered in Portland, Oregon, a hotbed of marketing technologies and agencies. Web Link
294 Magnify360 magnify360’s patented Landing Page Optimization Platform allows you to rapidly launch, change, and serve the best landing pages automatically, adapting faster than the best human. Target devices, traffic partners, seasonality, or any profile data with the ideal user experience. With a Bonus: our conversion experts can help plan and design your next revenue generating pages. Web Link
295 Marketlinc We identify those consumers who require more than a digital experience to maximize their purchase, can predict when and how they need sales assistance, and provide them with personalized human-to-human engagement at critical moments in their buying journey. All in real-time, and always pay for performance. Web Link
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Lead Management Analytics tools for measuring performance
Lead Management Analytics tools for measuring performance. Here you can find B2B, B2C analytics tracker. The list included E-mail Analytics tools tracker,

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