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Definition of different types of Ad Positions

If you are working with digital ad matrix, you should know the ad positions which may help you. If you are trying to set up your inventory to manage your ad business, you may hear about ATF, BFT.  Same goes to the digital advertiser who wants to promote his/her product. AFT, BTF are widely known and practiced ad potions. There are some other ad positions too.

What is Ad position:

Ad position is an ad placement that described where will be the ad placed.  Will it be displayed at the top of the page or bottom of the page or any other positions?

How Ad Position works:

Ad Positions help to target and displayed the desired ads at the right placement. While pulling ad serving report, you also can observe which position is getting more revenue.  As an example – A website has five ad placements for 300X250 ad size. One at the top, another one at the bottom and rest of the ad slots are in the middle of the long articles.  An advertiser wants to display his ads on the top only. So, how would you make sure to serve the ad at the top only?  The ad can be played in any slots if the ad matched the 300X250 criteria and if you do not let your tag know which one should play. In this case, Ad position will help you to display the desired ad. (there are other targeting systems too, we will cover it in other articles)


Ad Targeting example by POSITION VALUE

To make sure the ad is serving the right and desired position, you can ad position value in your ad tag while setting up the inventory.  You can set value like below –

  1. First 300X250 ad slot as – aft (assuming this one is in above the fold and in the top)
  2. Second 300X250 ad slot as – aft1 (assuming this one is in above the fold and in the 2nd position)
  3. Third 300X250 ad slot as – bft (assuming this one is in 1st below the fold position)
  4. fourth 300X250 ad slot as – bft1 (assuming this one is in below the fold position and in the 2nd position)
  5. Fifth 300X250 ad slots as – ft ((assuming this one is in below the fold position but in bottom area)

If you set your tag value on the first ad slot – “pos=aft” then the ad slot will display the desired ad.  You just need to set position value in targeting while setting campaign (in AOL, Yahoo, Bing) or line item (in DFP).

How to Find Ad Position value by using developer tools

Almost all the browsers have developer tools.  To show this example, I used chrome developer tools to show you how to find is there any position value or not. In this image, you can see an underline mark at “pos=atf” means the ad is displaying above the fold. And they define the first rectangle slot as “aft”.

finding Ad_position

What if an ad slot has multiple ad dimensions:

An Ad slot can have multiple ad sizes. As an example – what if your advertiser wants to show 300X600 ads on the first ad slot? The answer is, the ad targeting way is very similar. You can set a slot for multiple ad sizes. From the above image, you can see the “sz: 300X250|300X600” and “scp: pos=aft”. So, the ad size may be 300X250 or 300X600, you do not need to worry about that. If you set “aft” while setting campaign, ad will serve only on that slot.

Definition of different types of Ad Positions

To explain the ad positions, I took a sample of a web page and draw a red line over it. This red line is the fold line of this page.

Definition of different types of Ad Positions
Types of ad position
  • ATF: Any ad slot above the red line is ATF or Above The Fold. ATF can have multiple ad slots based on the length or height of the page. In this situation, you can define them by atf, atf1, atf2 and more.


  • BTF: Any ad slot below the red line is BTF or Below The Fold. BTF also can have multiple ad slots based on the length or height of the page. To identify your ad slots,  you can define them by btf, btf1, btf2 and more.


  • FT: If there any ad slot lies above the footer, in the footer line or close to footer line, you can classify those ad slots as ft, ft1 to easily identify.


  • DL: DL or Dynamically Loaded is another type ad position based on article length on a page. Due to the long length of articles, it is not possible to show ads all over the articles by ATF and BTF slots but you can cover it by DL. DL cover both Above the line and Below the line.  As an example, your page has 3 ATF, 3 BTF and 2 FT slots but you published an article named “20 ways to gain high revenue” and you uploaded 20 photos and explained those photos. In this case, your page will be long and you can earn more revenue by using DL positions ads. Dynamically Loaded ads will display after every image or point you described. So there will be 20 additional chances to display ads.


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