App Web User Behavior Tracking tools for business. Here you can find B2B, B2C analytics tracker. The list included E-mail Analytics tools tracker, Behavior Tracking, A/B Testing tracker (especially for Software companies), Polls, Lead Management Analytics, Visitor De-anonymization, Local Analytics, Font system, Segment Data, and Device Fingerprinting

App Web User Behavior Tracking tools for business


SL Tracker Name About them in their words URL
296 Matiro Matiro buy media inventory dynamically on the real time exchanges, on behalf of advertisers. Web Link
297 Matomo Matomo (formerly Piwik) is an open analytics platform currently used by individuals, companies and governments all over the world. With Matomo, your data will always be yours. Learn why Matomo is the right web analytics tool for you below. Web Link
298 Medi8 medi8 is a Supply Side Platform (SSP) that specializes in ad optimization for Smartphones, PCs and Rich Media. Through various DSPs and Ad Networks that are integrated with medi8, our system will automatically calculate in finding the most profitable and suitable ads just for you. Web Link
299 Mediapost Communications Customer knowledge to communication for the conquest and retention, MEDIAPOST Communication, present in 5 countries and involving 13,000 employees, brings together all multichannel expertise to support local, national and international advertisers of all the string value of relationship marketing. MEDIAPOST Communication consists of the following areas: – relationship marketing and proximity communication: MEDIAPOST – Board dedicated to the promotion of Home Media (mail, print advertising, email and SMS): Advertising MEDIAPOST – Relationship Marketing in Europe: International MEDIAPOST – customer knowledge and strategic consulting & creative: Mediaprism – promotional marketing and customer relationship: Sogec and Budgetbox – Agency e-commerce: Mixcommerce – Internet Governance – publishing – accommodation – micropayments: Adverline – CRM Data Management: Sogec Datamark Services – Cabestan – Vertical-Mail Web Link
300 Medio Medio was founded in 2004 on the basis that mobile will be and is the next great computer paradigm. Over the last nine years, Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies have utilized our comprehensive, predictive analytics products to gain deep understandings of their customers to improve engagement and monetization of their web and mobile applications. Web Link
301 Mercado-Analytics Mercado Livre operates: Mercado, Mercado-Ads, Mercado-Analytics Web Link
302 Merkle Research Employing data-driven strategies, Merkle combines a complete range of marketing, technical, analytical and creative disciplines to offer complete integrated customer marketing solutions. Web Link
303 Metrical We’re based in the San Francisco Bay Area and dedicated to helping companies better understand customers experience (CX) through behavioral analytics. There’s no substitute to speaking to your site visitors and Metrical uses sophisticated statistical research and analysis to get to the heart of what they’re thinking so you have actionable data you can use to change your unhappy visitors into successful (and happy) customers. We built Metrical to revolutionize the process of understanding your visitors’ point of view so you can deliver them an online experience that’s more effective and allows you to understand what your customers want so you can meet and satisfy their needs. Web Link
304 Mindbreeze Mindbreeze GmbH is based in Linz, Austria. Mindbreeze is a leading European provider of software products that make finding relevant information from corporate data and the Internet both fast and intuitive. Our products, including Mindbreeze InSite and Mindbreeze InSpire, offer customers a consolidated overview of corporate intelligence, empowering decision-makers in all aspects of their business. Web Link
305 Mixpanel Mixpanel’s mission is to help the world learn from their data. We offer the most sophisticated analytics platform companies online can use to understand how users behave. We do all of our data analysis in real-time. Web Link
306 Modernus Modernus runs the Coordinated Webmeasure® list in Iceland in co-operation with its participants. Web Link
307 Monetate Monetate powers multi-channel testing & personalization for brands worldwide. Built for speed, the Monetate Platform’s easy-to-use interface allows marketers to create, test and deploy an unlimited number of personalized digital experiences with limited need for IT or consulting resources. Web Link
308 Monitis Monitis is a 100% Cloud-based, complete, and flexible IT monitoring solution which consolidates backend monitoring, application monitoring, website monitoring, and cloud monitoring in an all-in-one, central monitoring service. Web Link
309 Monitus Monitus Tools are a collection of web-based applications that have been built specifically for the Yahoo! Store platform. One simple tracking code has to be added (and we’ll take care of that for you) to your store and you can then choose and use the tools you need. Web Link
310 MotionPoint MotionPoint localizes any website for any market. Its technologies and techniques deliver significantly more traffic and conversion than translation alone. Web Link
311 Mouseflow Mouseflow lets you record website visitors and generate instant heatmaps showing where they click, scroll and even pay attention. Web Link
312 MouseTrace MouseTrace is a unique solution to help website owners, designers and Internet marketing professionals better understand how visitors are using their websites. Web Link
313 Muscula Muscula is used in your production environment on your live website. You will be logging the JavaScript errors that your real website visitors experience. If you do not log JavaScript errors with a tool like Muscula you will never know that the errors happen. With Muscula you find the errors and you can fix them, keeping your visitors happy. Web Link
314 My Counter allows you to display the current numeric value of your site’s traffic (up to 10 parameters); collect statistics on visits to your site and handle it. Web Link
315 MyFonts Counter Our mission is to make it simple for everyone to find and buy fonts. Web Link
316 MyPagerank MyPagerank.Net was created to enable webmasters easily know and post PageRank on their pages without any Toolbar. Web Link
317 Navegg Navegg is the first Brazilian company dedicated to online audience segmentation. It is present in over 5000 websites, including daily offer sites and price comparison services, and has analysed the web browsing habits of over 50 million users. Web Link
318 NDN Analytics News Distribution Network is a leading edge digital video and advertising solutions company. Web Link
319 Netbiscuits Netbiscuits is a global leader in mobile analytics and device detection solutions, helping companies achieve increased reach and performance, while improving conversion and customer engagement. Our cloud software records over one billion unique page impressions a month, serving global brands such as eBay, Coca Cola, MTV, BMW and T-Online. Catalogued and quality-assured through manual testing since the year 2000, we have the world’s most accurate and complete device library – the Netbiscuits Vault℠. The Vault contains detailed device feature capabilities, and includes over 7,300 device, 157 operating system and 343 web browser profiles. The Netbiscuits technology features unique server-side and client-side detection. By giving companies access to the contextual information of web visitors such as location and connection speed, we enable the creation of exceptional mobile experiences for every connected device. Web Link
320 NET-Metrix The NET-Metrix AG is an independent Swiss authority for Internet usage research. We offer the most comprehensive research system to use web offerings in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. NET-Metrix provides the market with standardized and certified data. Web Link
321 Netminers Netminers develops and sells cutting-edge analytics technology… Based on our technology platform, we help companies to understand, serve and influence their website users in the best possible way. Web Link
322 NetMonitor Netmonitor helps you make better decisions and increase profits with web analytics. Web Link
323 Netscaler Netscalers works with national and international top players. Organisations with ambition. Who have the guts to get off the beaten tracks. To outperform the competition. To continuously ‘WOW’ your online visitor. In every inch of their own online journey. We make the best customer experience in the online environment. Web Link
324 NetUpdater Open New Media GmbH, the Internet agency with history and experience: Since 1997, we offer a complete portfolio of Web-based communications solutions. Our services range from consulting and conception, creation and design to the technical implementation and support of digital solutions. Our core competencies are web sites and portals, intranet solutions, e-commerce solutions and digital marketing. We place great emphasis on a holistic and individual approach your project as well as a reliable and transparent management. Digital Passion combines passion with intelligence. We work with passion for your result – target groups and budget loyal. Because we have fun and do our job like. This has been confirmed especially our clients whom we accompany many already for years. Web Link
325 New Relic New Relic gives you deep performance analytics for every part of your software environment. You can easily view and analyze massive amounts of data, and gain actionable insights in real-time. For your apps. For your users. For your business. Lew Cirne founded New Relic in 2008 with a revolutionary vision: To deliver application performance monitoring (APM) as a purely SaaS product. By embracing the power and accessibility of the cloud, New Relic grew rapidly and quickly became an integral tool for developers, IT ops teams, and executives around the world. Today, New Relic is helping thousands of customers consistently improve their software performance, every day, all day. See why our dynamic suite of software analytics products is changing the game for modern business. Web Link
326 News Registry Moreover Technologies (formerly NewsRight) operates News Registry. Moreover’s mission is to help companies and individuals make smarter, more informed business decisions by organizing the most relevant media coverage and social commentary from across the Web and from licensed information sources, delivered seamlessly and in near real-time. Web Link
327 Next Click Ads Publishers -Monetize Every Click Your traffic, your decisions! We give you the tools to get the most out of your traffic. With real-time reporting at your fingertips, optimizing your revenue is a breeze. Advertisers -Where Offers Meet Users Our distribution dashboard makes finding the right market for your offers a piece of cake! We put you in the driver seat by giving you access to our expert tools & campaign analysis. Web Link
328 NextSTAT NextSTAT is a web analytics application designed to help you improve your online business. You can run our software right through your favorite browser. Our web application allows you to understand your visitors by tracking their behaviour on your website. Web Link
329 Neytiv Web Link
330 NGage INC. NGINX is the heart of the modern web, powering half of the world’s busiest sites and applications. The NGINX open source project started in 2002 and has grown exponentially over the past 10+ years, thanks to the vision of Igor Sysoev and the enthusiasm and support of our loyal community of users. Today, millions of innovators choose NGINX and NGINX Plus for delivering their sites and applications with performance, reliability, security, and scale. Web Link
331 Ninja Access Analysis Samurai Factory is a Japanese software development firm. They offer a variety of tools and services including the web analytics tool Ninja, and chatting tool Manga Chat. Web Link
332 Ninja Outreach NinjaOutreach is the brain child of three internet marketers who saw a need for better outreach marketing tools. For years people have been researching influencers, collecting valuable data and contact information, emailing and tweeting, and building out client reports. Except they were using a dozen different tools to do so. We put our heads together and asked ourselves one, simple question: Can we do this all in one? The answer, of course, is yes. And so, like ninjas, we did. Ninja Outreach is now a blooming software business, which also offers digital marketing services ranging from prospecting to entirely done for you outreach campaigns. Contact us to inquire about our services. Web Link
333 Nirror Watch live how your users behave on your website. Support them before they leave. See what went wrong in past visits. Improve your sales by eliminating conversion-killers. Web Link
334 Nominal The Internet has changed the way advertising and the consumer interact. Denomination Technology creates products that help agencies and marketers manage these changes Web Link
335 Notifyfox Web Link
336 Now Interact At its heart, Now Interact is a business intelligence tool that helps brands measure, visualize and harness website visitors in order to drive sales and margins. Now Interact analyzes visitor digital body language in real-time by combining big data and pattern recognition technology to predict visitors’ intention. Based on this analysis, Now Interact directs them to the most effective support channel to complete their sales or service journey – whether call back, call in, chat, co surf or content/promo push such as FAQ. Web Link
337 nPario nPario offers products and services that use Big Data to deliver in-depth and immediate audience insights, enable data monetization, and drive smarter marketing decisions. Web Link
338 We created the system that allows you to place your internet advertising with a single site. More than 1.5 mln. Internet users visiting monthly platoformele Numbers. Among them are your customers. Our task is to do your advertising to be more accessible to them. Web Link
339 NY Times TagX The New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT), a leading global, multimedia news and information company…includes The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, The Boston Globe, , , , and related properties. The Company’s core purpose is to enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, information and entertainment. Web Link
340 Oh My Stats Oh My Stats is a marketing analytics service that shows exactly what marketing money gets you — and how. Web Link
341 Omnitag OmniTag™ is unified inventory management for the consumer — a global tracking system that also operates as a Lost and Found. But more simply — it’s the best way to keep track of your stuff and still protect your privacy. Web Link
342 Omniture (Adobe Analytics) Adobe Marketing Cloud (Analytics) operates: Adobe Dynamic Tag Management, Adobe Site Catalyst, Adobe TagManager, Omniture (Adobe Analytics). Adobe Analytics is the industry-leading solution for applying real-time analytics and detailed segmentation across all of your marketing channels. Use it to discover high-value audiences and power customer intelligence for your business Web Link
343 Onefeed Onefeed is a leading provider of management suites for comparison shopping marketing, competitor analysis, search engine marketing and data feed optimisation. Onefeed is owned by Webcore Limited. Web Link
344 OneStat is a leading global provider of real-time web analytics solutions, delivered to customers through hosted, on demand services without costly investments in IT infrastructure. Web Link
345 Onlinewebstat Onlinewebstat is a web analytics platform that tells you who visits your website. When does your website visited, from where and by how many people. They report per hour, per day, per month and per country. Web Link
346 Web Link
347 Ooyala Analytics We help our partners manage their online video, from first upload to final publish. We deliver that video around the globe, to all devices, at the best speed and quality. We provide incredibly detailed analytics in real time that help our partners make smart strategic content and monetization choices. We help publishers earn more with the industry’s most powerful and easy-to-use advertising and paywall tools. Web Link
348 Open Web Analytics Open Web Analytics (OWA) is open source web analytics software that you can use to track and analyze how people use your websites and applications. Web Link
349 Openstat Openstat is a web analytics company. They provide customers with a suite of tools that are used to measure website statistics, audit and optimize advertising campaigns, build communications with visitors to websites, research markets and preferences of users on the web. Web Link
350 Opentracker Opentracker specialises in tracking and website analytics…to help businesses make informed advertising and content management decisions and develop investment strategies. Web Link
351 Opicle We delivers profitable growth for online businesses. To deliver you the best results, Opicle employs the best resources in the field that added Quality to ensures your success. To top it all we continue to learn from regular international exposure and investment in research followed by critical analysis of each campaign. Since 2012, Opicle has been affiliated with over 150 companies worldwide and is joined by over 500 active and potential publishers. It helps Advertisers with great CPI, CPS, CPA and CPC offers and Publishers with valuable offers, with high converting money, detailed reports with it’s robust system and tools. It’s simple, all you’re required to Join as an affiliate, find products, promote ’em, track sales and earn great commission. Web Link
352 OpinionLab OpinionLab was founded in 1999 to bring to market the fundamental concept that listening to your customers is important, but more important is the need for you to listen to them on their terms and react quickly and effectively to what they tell you. Hundreds of the world’s leading brands today trust OpinionLab to optimize customer experience and drive engagement across multiple channels. Web Link
353 Oplytic We help enterprises run smarter mobile marketing and sales Web Link
354 Optimatic Tracking OPTIMATIC is the leading provider of fully managed video advertising solution for publishers. Our universal video advertising platform and world class publisher support makes OPTIMATIC the best solution for publishers. Web Link
355 Optimedia ZenithOptimedia is committed to delivering to clients the best possible return on their advertising investment and this is supported by a unique system for strategy development and implementation, The ROI Blueprint, which enables the widest range of communications opportunities and skills to be brought together. Web Link
356 Optimizely Optimizely is the world’s leading experience optimization platform, providing website and mobile A/B testing and personalization for the world’s leading brands. The platform’s ease of use and speed of deployment empowers organizations to conceive of and run experiments that help them make better data-inspired decisions. Optimizely meets the diverse needs of thousands of customers worldwide looking to deliver connected experiences to their audiences across channels. To date, those customers have created and delivered more than 30 billion optimized visitor experiences. Web Link
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App Web User Behavior Tracking tools for business
App Web User Behavior Tracking tools for business. Here you can find B2B, B2C analytics tracker. The list included E-mail Analytics tools tracker, Behavior Tracking, A/B Testing tracker (especially for Software companies), Polls, Lead Management Analytics, Visitor De-anonymization, Local Analytics, Font system, Segment Data, and Device Fingerprinting

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